Great Sex, Christian Style

Let's talk about your sex life.


Everything You Wish You Knew About Sex & Religion...

Have you ever wondered what the Bible says about sex?

Have you ever wished you could have a better sex life?

Learn both in Great Sex, Christian Style.

You'll also Learn:

  • 100s of Detailed Sex Techniques for Men and Women

  • How Not to Waste Years on Mediocre Sex
  • The Carnal Calisthenics Everyone Should be Doing
  • What to Do About a Minuteman…
  • To Honestly Talk to Teenagers About Sex
  • How Technology can Jazz Things Up in the Bedroom
  • How to Get That “Off to the Races” Feeling Again
  • To Understand Biblical Views of Sex in Context
  • How Jesus Changed Marriage in Ways We Never Discuss
  • The Best Biblical & Non-Biblical Aphrodisiacs

the buzz.

GSCS examines marital sex without apology. That approach will be very freeing for people, particularly for those who grew up in religious surroundings. What I appreciated the most, though, was Ned’s continual challenge to the reader to take their questions and concerns about sex and behavior to God. Christians always talk about having a personal relationship with Christ yet we often don’t live it. Christian leaders often allow their parishioners to remain at a childish faith level because we establish (and enforce) the rules, boundaries, and consequences for them.
— Pastor of a small, growing church
OMG it’s funny. Let your wife know that I do name changes!
— Attorney JD Young
As a clinical psychologist, I’ve asked Senior Pastors and Youth Pastors to talk to their folks about sex…with almost no success. Great Sex, Christian Style will help couples improve their communication and relationships.
— Dr. E.E. “Grif” Griffith
Great Sex, Christian Style by Ned Pelger is one man’s honest pursuit of sexual happiness for the God-loving universe. With humor and soul, Pelger explores the sexual wake of Christianity, communicating insightful navigations and scholarly musings on centuries-old practice and teachings. Great Sex challenges Christians and non-Christians alike to question what they thought they knew about the Bible and sex. And it’s a perfect stocking stuffer for that hard-to-please mother-in-law.
— Chris DiCicco, author So My Mother, She Lives in the Clouds

the author.


Ned Pelger, PE

Ned Pelger, PE loves God, Debby, kids, grandkids, a big extended family, and more friends than anyone deserves.

He strives to live with joy and purpose in every area of his life—and to eat a piece of good chocolate every day.


Ned had been wanting to write a book about sex and Christianity for years.

There were already plenty of books about sex—tips and tricks and DIYs for the bedroom—but most books stayed as far away as possible from conversations about God, religion, and sex instruction. 

He knew no pastor would ever write it (without losing his or her job). 

So, after years of research and meditation on God's word, Ned completed Great Sex, Christian Style—a manual for Christian people on sex, love, and passion. 

Ned blows the lid off the "taboo" can and provides his readers with practical tips, an in depth reading of Bible passages on sex and marriage, and suggestions for living a more passionate life as a sexual being created by God to enjoy the most intimate act of love.  

Join the conversation, and start living your most passionate life yet with Great Sex, Christian Style

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